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Areas of Specialization

Ethical Theory, Bioethics, Kant

Areas of Competence

Social and Political Philosophy, Metaethics

Areas of Teaching Interest

Contemporary Moral Issues, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of the Family

Academic Employment

University of Kentucky, Philosophy Department
Assistant Professor, 2019

Harvard University, Philosophy Department
College Fellow, 2018-2019

Stanford University, McCoy Family Center for Ethics and Society and the Center for Biomedical Ethics
Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2018


University of California, Los Angeles, 2016
PhD in Philosophy

Dissertation: Choosing Our Children: Role Obligations and the Morality of Reproductive Selection
Chair: Barbara Herman
Committee: A.J. Julius, John Carriero, Robert Goldstein

University of California, Los Angeles, 2010
MA in Philosophy

University of Wisconsin Madison, 2007
BA in Philosophy, French


“Wronging Future Children”, Ergo: An Open Access Journal Of Philosophy 6, no. 5, (2019): 119-41

“The Problem of Choosing (For) Our Children” in Procreation, Parenthood, and Educational Rights: Ethical and Philosophical Issues, Routledge (2017)

Selected Presentations

Invited commentator for Paula Casal and Andrew Williams’ “Asymmetric Procreative Justice: A defense,” Political Theory Workshop, Stanford University (Spring 2018)

“The Practical Standpoint on Procreation,” NYU Center for Bioethics (Winter 2018)

“Kant’s Practical Standpoint and Procreative Morality,” Group Session, APA Central Division Meeting (Winter 2018)

Invited commentator for David Hershenov’s “Three Popular but False Claims about Personal Identity and Harm to Embryos,” APA Central Division Meeting (Winter 2018)

“The Practical Standpoint on Procreation,” Children and Youth in Ethics and Politics Workshop, Stanford Center for Ethics (Winter 2018)

“Procreation and Relational Wrongs,” Bioethics Workshop, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics (Summer 2017)

Invited commentator for Jake Monaghan’s “Informed Consent in Politics,” APA Central Division Meeting (Spring 2016)

“Wronging Future Children,” The Political Theory Workshop, Stanford University (Fall 2016)

Invited commentator for Kenny Walden, “Incomparable Worth,” Stanford Workshop on Moral and Political Philosophy (Fall 2016)

“Overstepping Parental Authority: Enhancement and the Value of Autonomy,” Atlantic Regional Philosophers’ Association Annual Conference (Fall 2016)

“The Problem of Choosing (For) Our Children,” From Procreative Ethics to Parental Rights, a Spencer Foundation Conference (Winter 2015)

“Kantian Ethics and Permissible Procreation,” UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics (Winter 2013)

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Harvard University, 2018-2019

Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy (Fall 2018)
The Ethics of a Human Life (Spring 2019)
Reproductive Ethics: Whose body is it anyway? (Spring 2019, proseminar)

Lecturer, Stanford University, Hope House, a halfway house for women coming out of substance abuse programs, 2018

The Ethics of a Human Life, with Willie Costello (Spring 2018)

Lecturer, Stanford University, Humanities Center, a program for local high school students, 2017

Topics in Applied Ethics, with Willie Costello and Blake Francis (Spring 2017)

Lecturer, UCLA Philosophy Department,  2013-2014

History of Ancient Philosophy  (Summer 2016)
Teaching Assistant Training Course (Fall 2014)
Introduction to Ethics (Summer 2014)
Medical Ethics (Summer 2013)

Teaching Assistant, UCLA Philosophy Department, 2009-2015

Kant (First Critique), Professor Tyler Burge (Spring 2016)
Introduction to Ethics (Writing Intensive), Professor Pamela Hieronymi (Winter 2016)
History of Ethics – Ancient, Professor Gavin Lawrence (Fall 2015)
Introduction to Philosophy of Mind, Lecturer Steven Lookner (Summer 2015)
Introduction to Ethics, Professor Rob Hughes (Spring 2015)
Philosophy in Literature, Professor Mandel Cabrera (Spring 2013)
History of Ethics – Kant, Professor Barbara Herman (Winter 2013)
Kant (First Critique), Professor Tyler Burge (Fall 2012)
Existentialism, Professor Rachel Johnson (Summer 2012)
Kant (First Critique), Professor Tyler Burge (Fall 2011)
Introduction to Philosophy of Mind, Professor Jorah Dannenberg (Spring 2011)
Introduction to Political Philosophy, Professor A.J. Julius (Winter 2011)
History of Ancient Philosophy, Professor Gavin Lawrence (Fall 2010)
Introduction to Political Philosophy, Professor Calvin Normore (Spring 2010)
Introduction to Political Philosophy, Professor A.J. Julius (Winter 2010)
Historical Introduction to Philosophy, Professor Brian Cophenhaver (Fall 2009)

English Language Assistant, Lycée Emile Littré, Avranches, France, 2007-2008

Awards and Fellowships

University Fellowship, 2013-2014
Graduate Division, UCLA

Honorary Graduate Student Fellow, 2012-2013
Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA

Yost Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2011-2012
Philosophy Department, UCLA

Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2011-2012
Graduate Division, UCLA

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2011
Graduate Division, UCLA

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2010
Graduate Division, UCLA

Graduate Student Conference Scholarship, 2009
Justice & Educational Distribution Conference, Stanford University

Germaine Mercier Award for French Scholarship, 2007
French Department, University of Wisconsin Madison

Departmental Service

Teaching Assistant Consultant to the Philosophy Department, 2014-2015

Graduate Student Representative to the Philosophy Department, 2011-2012

Graduate Student Association Representative for the Philosophy Department, 2010-2011


Ethics and Value Theory

1st Year Seminar: 20th Century Ethics, Professor Barbara Herman (Fall 2008)
Rawls (Theory of Justice* and Political Liberalism), Professor Seana Shiffrin (Fall 2008)
Doing Things with Other People, Professor AJ Julius (Winter 2009)
Human Action, Professor Pamela Hieronymi (Fall 2010)
Controversial Communications, Professor Seana Shiffrin, audited (Winter 2010)
Other Persons, Professor AJ Julius (Spring 2010)
Freedom, Professor AJ Julius (Winter 2012)
Kant’s Ethics,* Professor Barbara Herman, audited twice (Winter 2012, 2015)
Political Philosophy: Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory, Professor Harry Brighouse, University of Wisconsin, Madison (Spring 2007)

History of Philosophy

Descartes,* Professor John Carriero (Fall 2008)
Hume, Professor Barbara Herman and Professor Gavin Lawrence (Winter 2009)
1st Year Seminar: Frege to Kripke, Professor Tyler Burge (Winter 2008)
1st Year Seminar: Moore to Strawson, Professor Andrew Hsu (Spring 2008)
Kant (Critique of Pure Reason),* Professor Tyler Burge (Spring 2009)
Kant (Critique of Practical Reason), Professor Barbara Herman (Fall 2009)
Kant (Critique of Judgment), Professor Barbara Herman (Winter 2011)
Medieval Seminar: Truth, Professor Calvin Normore (Spring 2011)
Kant (Religion), Professor Barbara Herman, audited (Spring 2012)
Kant (Metaphysics of Morals), Professor Barbara Herman, audited (Spring 2016)

Other Courses

Metalogic,* Professor Luka Struble (Spring 2009)
Philosophy of Mind, Professor Tyler Burge (Spring 2010)
Philosophy of Mind, Professor Mark Greenberg (Winter 2010)
Central Seminar for Teaching Assistant Consultants, Lecturer Kumiko Haas (Fall 2014)

* Denotes that the course was an upper division undergraduate course


French (good)


Barbara Herman
Committee Chair, UCLA

A.J. Julius
Committee Member, UCLA

Debra Satz
Stanford University

Harry Brighouse
University of Wisconsin Madison

Tyler Burge
Teaching Reference, UCLA

Contact information available upon request.