I am currently teaching Reproductive Ethics: Whose body is it anyway? (proseminar) and The Ethics of a Human Life at Harvard University. Last semester I taught Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy.

I have taught Introduction to Ethics, Medical Ethics (upper division), and Ancient Greek Philosophy (upper division) at UCLA, where I was awarded the Yost Prize for excellence in teaching. At Stanford, I co-taught Topics in Applied Ethics for the Humanities Circle, a program that introduces high school students to University-level research. I also co-taught The Ethics of a Human Life for Hope House, a halfway house that offers courses from Stanford faculty for women who are recovering from substance abuse.

Philosophy Toolkit for students:

Reading philosophy
Writing a philosophy paper


Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy
The Ethics of a Human Life
Introduction to Ethics
Living Well and Living Right (upper division / graduate level)
Reproductive Ethics: Whose body is it anyway? (seminar)